Application Management Services Framework (AMSF)

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Application Management Services Framework (AMSF) is an approach to outsourcing management through a well-defined method, a custom-developed set of processes, policies, procedures, standards, and templates. AMSF embodies a number of specific methodologies fully equipped to deliver various engagement results. These methodologies include defined processes with appropriate tools and techniques such as standards, guidelines, templates, forms, checklists, etc. Each methodology derives value from quality-oriented activities at various stages and checkpoints throughout the life cycle. These include planning, governance, verifications and validations, auditing, and status reviews. The methodologies are always customized to fit the needs of the engagement.[1]

Application management services framework (AMSF) is a comprehensive and integrated set of processes, tools, people, and governing principles that are used to manage applications throughout their entire life cycle.

The benefits of AMSF include improved application quality and stability, reduced time-to-market for new features and releases, increased developer productivity, better alignment between business objectives and IT delivery, reduced costs associated with application maintenance and support


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