Community of Interest

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What is a Community of Interest?

A Community of Interest (COI) is a group of individuals or organizations that share a common interest or goal. COIs often form around specific topics, issues, or industries, and may be focused on sharing knowledge, resources, and expertise related to those areas of interest.

COIs can take many forms, including informal networks of individuals, professional associations, interest groups, and online communities. They can be established for a variety of purposes, such as sharing best practices, collaborating on research or projects, networking, or advocacy.

COIs can be a valuable resource for individuals and organizations, as they provide an opportunity to connect with others who have similar interests and goals. They can also help to facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge and to promote collaboration and innovation.

Overall, a community of interest is a group of individuals or organizations that share a common interest or goal, and that work together to advance those interests or goals.

See Also

  • Community of Practice - A similar concept focused on shared learning and expertise, often confused with or compared to a Community of Interest.
  • Social Network - The underlying structure that often supports the formation and operation of Communities of Interest.
  • Stakeholder Analysis - Often used to identify the members and influencers within a Community of Interest.
  • Knowledge Management - The field that examines how knowledge is shared and managed, often intersecting with Communities of Interest.
  • Social Capital - The benefits gained from social interaction and networking, often a byproduct of participation in a Community of Interest.