Crown Jewel Defense

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What is Crown Jewel Defense

Crown jewel defense is a strategy used by a company to protect its most valuable assets or intellectual property. These assets, which are often referred to as "crown jewels," may include patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, proprietary technology, or other valuable intellectual property.

The crown jewel defense strategy involves identifying the most valuable assets of a company and implementing measures to protect them. This may involve various measures such as securing patents or trademarks, entering into non-disclosure agreements, implementing cybersecurity measures, or taking other legal or protective measures.

The goal of crown jewel defense is to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of a company's valuable assets, which can be damaging to the company's competitive advantage and financial performance. It is particularly important for companies operating in highly competitive industries or those that rely heavily on intellectual property to have an effective crown jewel defense strategy in place.

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