ICT Investment Framework

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What is the ICT Investment Framework?

The Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) in the Department of Finance and Administration (Finance) developed the ICT Investment Framework to guide more targeted and efficient ICT investment by Australian Government agencies. The ICT Investment Framework aims to improve the Australian Government’s return on investment in ICT by enhancing strategic planning, management, and evaluation of ICT-enabled business change programs and projects. The framework also aims to better align ICT investment with agencies’ business and policy objectives and the overarching whole-of-government agenda.[1]

The ICT Investment Framework is broken down into four streams:[2]

  • Strategic Investment and Governance
    • Improving access to good practice guidance on developing strategic plans, including templates
    • Collection of strategic investment information from agencies:
      • notify agencies of possible inter-dependencies
      • notify the government of future calls on budget Initially trialed through CIOC agencies
  • Business Case Tools and Reviews
    • Australian Standards on Governance, including ICT Projects
    • Standards Australia (SA) handbook on governance in the public sector
    • SA doing other handbooks on strategic planning, performance management, etc.
  • Project, Program, and Portfolio Management
    • Government should be provided with sufficient information to appropriately assess the costs, benefits, and planning for ICT-enabled business change programs and projects.
    • The ICT Investment Framework has a range of strategies to assist agencies to provide the Government with this information.
  • Performance Management and Metrics
    • Creating a performance indicator catalog
    • Analysing expenditure on ICT
    • Developing a database of projects for agencies to access in the design of their projects
    • Facilitating communication by agencies and the sharing of information on project design and interdependencies.
    • Gathering of key IT Metrics from endorsed business cases.

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