Planning Game

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What is Planning Game?

The planning game is a method used in agile software development to plan and prioritize work in short, iterative development cycles. It is a collaborative process that involves both the development team and the customer or product owner and is designed to help teams to quickly identify and prioritize the most valuable work.

The planning game consists of several steps:

  1. The product owner presents a list of high-level goals or objectives for the project.
  2. The development team breaks down the goals into smaller, more specific tasks or user stories.
  3. The product owner and development team prioritize the tasks based on their relative value and importance.
  4. The development team estimates the effort required to complete each task.
  5. The product owner and development team select a subset of the tasks to be completed in the current iteration (called the "sprint").
  6. The development team works on the selected tasks during the sprint, and the product owner reviews and provides feedback on the progress.
  7. The process is repeated for each subsequent sprint, with the product owner and development team reevaluating the priorities and adjusting the work accordingly.

The planning game is an important aspect of agile development, as it helps teams to stay focused on the most valuable work and to continuously adjust their plans based on changing priorities and new information.

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