Six Webs Framework

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Bill Joy’s six Webs are:

  • 1. The Near Web: This is the Internet that you see when you lean over a screen - like a laptop.
  • 2. The Here Web. This is the Internet that is always with you because you accesses it through a device you always carry - like a cell phone.
  • 3. The Far Web. This is the Internet you see when you sit back from a big screen - like a television or a kiosk.
  • 4. The Weird Web. This is the Internet you access through your voice and which you listen to - say when you are in your car, or when you talk to an intelligent system on your phone, or when you ask your camera a question. Joy concedes that this Web does not yet fully exist.
  • 5. B2B. This is an Internet which does not possess a consumer interface, where business machines talk to other business machines. It is chatter of corporations amongst themselves when they do not care about their human drones.
  • 6. D2D. This is the Internet of sensors deployed in meshes networks, adjusting urban systems for maximum efficiency. This Web also does not yet exist. Joy says that it will embed machine intelligence in ordinary, daily life.[1]

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  • Joy refreshes last two of his "six Webs" [1]