Balanced Technology Extended (BTX)

What is Balanced Technology Extended (BTX)?

Balanced Technology Extended (BTX) is a form factor specification for motherboards and computer cases that was developed in 2004 as a replacement for the older ATX standard. BTX was designed to improve the cooling and airflow of computer systems, as well as to allow for the use of larger and more powerful components.

One of the main differences between BTX and ATX is the layout of the motherboard. In a BTX system, the CPU and other heat-generating components are located closer to the center of the motherboard, with the expansion slots and other connectors located along the edges. This allows for more efficient cooling and better airflow through the case.

BTX systems also feature a number of other design improvements, including a more efficient power supply, improved cable management, and a more efficient layout for storage and optical drives. While BTX was initially intended to be a replacement for ATX, it never gained widespread adoption and was eventually phased out in favor of newer standards such as Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX.

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