Globalization Management System (GMS)

What is Globalization Management System (GMS)?

A globalization management system (GMS) is a system used to manage the process of adapting products, services, and processes for global markets. It typically includes processes, tools, and resources for conducting market research, localizing products and services, and managing the complexities of operating in global markets.

GMSs are used by organizations that operate in multiple countries, and are designed to help those organizations to adapt their products and services for different markets, cultures, and languages. They may include processes for managing the translation and localization of content, as well as tools and resources for managing the cultural differences between markets.

GMSs may also include processes for managing regulatory and compliance issues, as well as for tracking and managing the performance of global operations. They are typically designed to be flexible and adaptable, and may be customized to meet the specific needs of an organization.

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