IMAC (Install Move Add Change)

IMAC is an acronym for Install Move Add Change . The term is in IT management use and summarizes the services in a life cycle of a job are important. The individual terms summarize various aspects related to the dynamics of a workplace. New employees need access to the information systems and a working IT workstation (Install) from day one. Moving to new business premises or locations should be quick and trouble-free. Hardware and software enhancements or changes to an existing IT system (add / change) must be carried out promptly and appropriately.

  • Install
    • System structure at the user's workplace
    • Initial installation and deployment of hardware components
    • Initial installation and deployment of software applications
  • Move
    • Relocation of the workstation system to another location
    • Change to another workstation system
    • Change of end user
  • Add
    • Installation of additional hardware
    • Installation of additional software
  • Change
    • Change of existing hardware configuration
    • Updating of installed software
    • Customization of software settings
    • Uninstalling unneeded software applications

In addition, two additional service packages (IMAC / R / D) are common:

  • Remove
    • Control of the devices to be uninstalled
    • Secure deletion of existing data carriers
    • Create a deletion report
    • Dismantling of the defined system group

Preparation for return transport, storage or disposal

  • Dispose
    • Transport and environmentally friendly recycling
    • Hardware refresh (reprocessing / testing of the hardware) and return to the customer[1]
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