Information Governance Initiative (IGI)

The Information Governance Initiative (IGI) is a think tank and community dedicated to advancing the adoption of Information Governance (IG) practices and technologies through research, events, advocacy and peer-to-peer networking. It is dedicated to the professionalization of IG and has called for the creation of a new kind of information leader called the Chief Information Governance Officer. Its Annual Report has become an industry standard reference guide for organizations benchmarking and building their IG programs. The IGI Community is where thousands of practitioners from cybersecurity, IT, analytics, privacy, legal, records management, and the other facets of IG come together and learn from each other. IGI produces hands-on educational workshops and executive roundtables each year. The IGI was founded by recognized leaders in the field of IG, and is supported by leading providers of IG products and services.[1]

IGI believes information can be a positive transformative force in the world – improving business, government, and the lives of people in all walks of life. Its mission is to advance the practice of information governance, as it believes that IG is the best chance that organizations have to truly get their information under control and to maximize its value. The IGI Advisory Board is comprised of senior professionals who represent these facets of IG, and who can help to guide the IGI in research and peer-to-peer work in these areas.[2]

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