Information Governance Professional (IGP) Certification

What is Information Governance Professional (IGP) Certification?

The Information Governance Professional (IGP) certification is a professional certification that recognizes individuals who have demonstrated expertise in information governance (IG). IG is the process of managing and protecting an organization's information assets, including data, records, and documents, in a way that aligns with the organization's business goals and legal and regulatory requirements.

The IGP certification is offered by the Information Governance Initiative (IGI), a professional organization that promotes best practices in IG. To obtain the IGP certification, individuals must pass an exam that tests their knowledge and understanding of IG principles and practices.

The IGP certification is intended for professionals who work in a variety of roles related to IG, including records and information managers, data governance professionals, legal professionals, and information technology professionals. It is designed to recognize individuals who have a broad understanding of IG concepts and practices, and who are able to apply this knowledge to real-world situations.

Overall, the IGP certification is a valuable credential for professionals who work in the field of IG, as it demonstrates their expertise and commitment to best practices in the field.

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