System of Record (SOR)

What is a System of Record (SOR)?

A system of record (SOR) is a system that is the primary source of data for a particular business process or function. It is the system that is responsible for maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the data, and is considered the authoritative source of the data.

SORs are often used to manage and track important business information, such as customer data, financial data, and operational data. They are typically highly centralized and structured systems, and are designed to support the efficient and accurate capture and storage of data.

SORs play a critical role in many organizations, as they provide the foundation for a wide range of business processes and decisions. They are often integrated with other systems, such as reporting and analysis systems, to support the use and dissemination of the data they contain.

It is important to carefully manage and maintain SORs, as they are often the foundation for many important business processes and decisions. This may involve ensuring that the data is accurate and up-to-date, and that the system is secure and protected against unauthorized access or tampering.

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