Value-Based Business-IT Alignment (VITAL) Project

Value-Based Business-IT Alignment (VITAL), a project undertaken by researchers at the University of Twente, investigates an economic value-based approach to alignment in networked businesses.

VITAL's approach consists of three parts. All three parts build upon work in value based requirements engineering and on ICT architecture design already performed by the proposers:

  • Develop techniques to describe ICT services as economic value objects from a consumer (i.e. business) perspective and investigate ways to match these services in a value-oriented way with ICT services described from a supplier (i.e. ICT) perspective.
  • Develop techniques to design networked ICT architecture that supports services required by the business, taking the value offered by those services, and the costs incurred by the architecture, into account.
  • Develop models of decision processes about ICT services and their architecture, and develop maturity models of those processes.

All three parts of the project will be done by means of case study research and action research.[1]

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