AFI Strategy Framework

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AFI Strategy Framework is a model that links three interdependent strategic management tasks that together help firms conceive of and implement a strategy that can improve performance and result in competitive advantage. The following are the 3 Tasks of the AFI Strategy Framework

Diagrammatic Illustration of AFI Strategy Framework
AFI Strategy Framework
source: Joe Mahoney

Practical Application of AFI Strategy Framework[2]
In strategic management, one often takes the perspective of the CEO or person responsible for the strategy of the organization. One would normally use an inductive approach to the analysis. The following is a helpful overview of the AFI Strategy — analysis, formulation and implementation and it's the practical application.

  • Analysis
    • Perform an external environmental analysis of the:
    • Perform an internal analysis of the firm using RBV/RBT:
    • Analyze competitive advantage and firm performance:
      • Use financial and market-based measures
      • Comparison of firm to competitors, peers, industry average
      • Assessment of achieving and sustaining competitive advantage

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