Customer Centricity

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Customer Centricity means putting your customers and their needs at the center of your organization, and consistently supporting that perspective through your people, culture and how you do business[1]

Customer-centricity is the discipline of attempting to see things from the customer’s viewpoint rather than from your own and the goal is to keep the customer’s viewpoint and the customer’s ultimate wellbeing at the center of everything a company does.

Customer Centricity Model
source: Insites Consulting

Customer Centricity - Transforming the Organization[2]

Customer-centricity matters in all aspects of an organization. But since “everywhere” can so often devolve into “nowhere in particular,” an organization look at becoming more customer-centric in the following three areas:

  • Product: What we manufacture. A generally brilliant product design that doesn’t incorporate initial customer input or respond to customer feedback over time is destined for the junkyard, or at best to be found in a museum as an oddity, rather than opening customers’ hearts–and wallets–and finding that proud place in the customer’s garage or driveway.
  • Process: How we manufacture, how we sell. Over time, processes can devolve in directions that no longer suit your customers–assuming they were even designed with the customer in mind in the first place.
  • Business Model: How our company is conceptualized. In most organizations, there are aspects of the business model conflicts with customer-centricity. A simple example is an incorrectly incentivized sales model, where rewards conflict with doing the right thing for the customer.

Customer Centricity Vs. Product Centricity[3]

Customer-centricity also means having a decent product or service to start with.

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