Enterprise Architecture Framework

Enterprise Architecture Framework (EA Framework) is a formal definition of the essential elements or components of Enterprise Architecture, and their inter-relationship
  • An Enterprise Architecture Framework is analogous to a mathematical equation or chemical formula in that it specifies the variables or elements, and their relationships required to solve the "practical model of enterprise" puzzle.
  • It differs from equations and formulas in the sense that it pertains to one solution - a particular way of solving the enterprise modeling puzzle - and is not universally applicable or accepted answer to the Enterprise Architecture problem. There can be many different frameworks for Enterprise Architecture each as applicable and effective as the other.
  • It identifies "essential" elements or components i.e. those that are absolutely necessary, and sufficient to define the concept or solution

An Enterprise Architecture Framework can define enterprise modeling concept(s) in general or relate to a specific Enterprise Architecture Planning solution.

An Enterprise Architecture framework (EA framework) defines how to create and use an Enterprise Architecture. An Architecture Framework provides principles and practices for creating and using the architecture description of a system. It structures architects' thinking by dividing the architecture description into domains, layers or views, and offers models - typically matrices and diagrams - for documenting each view.1

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1 What is Enterprise Architecture framework on Wikipedia

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