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What is the the CIO Wiki?

CIO Wiki is a dictionary, glossary, and encyclopedia of key concepts and terms used in Business and Information Technology (IT) Management (IT Management).

Why another Wiki?

An initiative of CIO Index - the world's largest community of CIOs - the focus is on informing the CIO to facilitate their journey to CIO 3.0.

A key objective of the CIO Wiki is to air the best information on a topic. Often, this is buried deep inside Google's search results and never finds its way in Wikipedia.

We source information from expert practitioners. We clearly mark the source and provide a link back to it so experts on a topic are recognized.

CIO Wiki is read only. For Now!

The CIO Wiki is currently available for reading only. At a later date, we intend to open it up for editing to practitioners ONLY.

What is the scope of the Wiki for CIOs?

The scope of CIO Wiki, therefore, spans three domains namely, business, management, and information technology. A CIO 3.0 is by definition a leader so we cover leadership and other topics related to furthering the CIO's career:


Popular Topics

As of 15th July, 2021, there are over 4600 articles on the CIO Wiki. We are continuously adding more.

Curated Content Copyright

CIO Wiki articles and content include resources copyrighted and openly licensed by multiple individuals and organizations. Please refer to the "References" section at the bottom of each page for source attribution specific to the material on that page. If you believe that an article or other content violates your copyright, please contact us.

We actively seek your feedback - comments, questions, suggestions, and criticism so please do not hesitate to contact us.