Internet of People (IOP)

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What is Internet of People (IOP)

The Internet of People (IOP) is a concept that refers to the use of technology to connect people and facilitate communication and collaboration. It involves the use of devices, such as smartphones and laptops, and networks, such as the internet, to enable people to connect with each other and share information and resources.

The IOP is often contrasted with the Internet of Things (IoT), which refers to the use of technology to connect physical objects and devices, such as sensors and appliances, to the internet. While the IoT is focused on machine-to-machine communication, the IOP is focused on people-to-people communication.

The IOP has the potential to transform the way people work and interact, as it allows for greater collaboration and communication among individuals and teams, regardless of location. It can also enable people to access and share information and resources more easily, which can lead to increased productivity and innovation.

Internet of People refers to the digitalization of relationships between people and the collection, processing and application of personal data. It forms a network of collective intelligence and stimulates interactive communication among our digital selves through digital devices, the internet and sharing of data.[1]

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