Collective Intelligence

What is Collective Intelligence?

Collective Intelligence refers to a group or a team’s combined capacity and capability to perform a wide variety of tasks and solve diverse problems. Collective Intelligence has been found to consistently predictive of the future performance of groups and teams. (Chikersal, P et al 2017). The primary difference between IQ (individual intelligence) and CQ or collective intelligence is the social dimension and the ability of groups to achieve unity of purpose, action and thought. Teams with high levels of CQ achieve a state of interdependence and flow when they are working together. What is puzzling the scientists who are at the cutting edge of collective intelligence research is that the social side of our interactions appear to have no bearing on CQ: people don’t need to be ‘friends’ to work well together. Recent research (Chikersal, P et al 2017) has shown, “A consistently puzzling observation in the work on [CQ] is its lack of relationship with various measures gauging the quality of member interpersonal relationships.”[1]

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