Killer Bees

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The term "killer bees" is not commonly used in business or computing, as it refers specifically to the Africanized honey bee. However, the term has been used metaphorically to describe aggressive or disruptive business practices or technologies.

In business, the term "killer bee" may describe a company or product that enters a market aggressively and disrupts existing players. This can include companies that offer significantly lower prices, superior technology, or other competitive advantages that allow them to gain market share and dominate their competitors quickly.

In computing, the term "killer app" is sometimes used to describe a software application that is so compelling or innovative that it drives the adoption of a particular platform or technology. This can include applications that offer significant productivity benefits, entertainment value, or other features that attract users and drive sales of associated hardware or software.

While using the term "killer bees" in business and computing is not common, the concept of disruptive technologies or products is an important one to consider. As markets and technologies evolve, companies must be prepared to adapt and innovate to remain competitive and avoid being disrupted by new entrants.

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