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What is CIO Wiki!

CIO Wiki is an encyclopedia of information technology management. It provides definitions for technology business management terms. Most articles in the wiki also go deeper providing a broader context, an explanation of underlying concepts, and a thorough overview of each topic.

This wiki has been designed for the CIO and other senior IT leaders. Its content will be useful to anyone who is a manager of information technology or someone who depends on IT to create business value.

CIO Wiki is sponsored by CIO Index - the CIO Portal.

Our Journey

We are building the complete encyclopedia of IT Management. Initially, our focus is on two things, namely, the "what" i.e. definitions and the "how to" i.e. processes of IT management. There are currently 5,244 topics in the CIO Wiki. Please note that a wiki is a perpetual work in progress. Information is only as accurate as the last time someone updated it.

Let's Get Started

Get the answers you are looking for fast by checking the index. Alternatively, you can search for the terms or check recent changes.

Join the community

You will need an account to participate. Please log in first. At this time, only CIO Index authorized authors are allowed to update this reference. We plan on opening it up to the community at a later date. If you would like to collaborate, please contact us.


Got questions? Before you jump in, try the faq page. You can add your question to the page. However, you will need an account.


Please consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. Please feel free to contact us.

CIO Wiki is organized along the key responsibilities of a CIO, providing definitions and overviews to build the skills required to fulfill them. Its goal is to be an indispensable tool in a CIO's journey from a technology head to a business leader.



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