Network Monitoring

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What is Network Monitoring?

Network monitoring is the process of monitoring the performance and availability of a computer network. It involves using software and hardware tools to continuously monitor the network, and it is an important part of network management.

Network monitoring is typically used to identify and resolve problems on a network in real-time, and it is an essential tool for ensuring that a network is running smoothly and efficiently. It can help to identify issues such as network outages, slow performance, and security breaches, and it can alert administrators to these issues so that they can be resolved quickly.

There are many different tools and techniques used in network monitoring, including:

  • Network probes: These are specialized devices that are used to monitor network performance and availability.
  • Network management software: This is specialized software that is used to monitor and manage a network.
  • Network performance monitoring: This involves using tools to monitor the performance of network devices, such as routers and switches, and to identify any issues that may be affecting performance.

Network monitoring is an important part of network management, and it is a critical tool for ensuring that a network is running smoothly and efficiently.

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