Action-Centered Leadership

John Adair's simple Action-Centred Leadership model (action-centered if you prefer the US spelling) provides a great blueprint for leadership and the management of any team, group, or organization. Action Centred Leadership is also a simple leadership and management model, which makes it easy to remember and apply, and to adapt to your own situation. Good managers and leaders should have full command of the three main areas of the Action Centered Leadership model and should be able to use each of the elements according to the situation. Being able to do all of these things, and keep the right balance, gets results, builds morale, improves quality, develops teams and productivity, and is the mark of a successful manager and leader.[1]

Action-centered Leadership is so-called because it highlights the key actions that leaders have to take when managing their teams. And it's particularly helpful because it groups these responsibilities together under three key areas:[2]

  • Task: Achieving the team's goal.
  • Team: Developing and building your team, so that it's ever more effective.
  • Individual: Helping individuals develop their full potential in the workplace.

Action-Centered Leadership
Source: Startup Pulse

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