Agile NeoRAD

Gartner defines Agile NeoRAD as a "type of project approach applies agile methods, such as extreme programming." Models are sketches, rather than first-class development artifacts. There are few concerns about standardization in terms of reusing analysis and design patterns and frameworks. There is little model-based code generation.[1]

Agile (NeoRAD) is similar in concept to the original rapid application development (RAD) approach popularized in the 1990s, agile methods go further in accelerating feature deliveries - sometimes called "sprints" — from the three- to six-month time frames typical of RAD, to monthly or even weekly delivery. In both, a small, collaborative team dedicated wholly (or almost so) to the project works together, in one location, on the project. Many large AD organizations have succeeded in blending a NeoRAD approach with such other approaches as waterfall, model-driven and iterative in a flexible software process architecture to yield continuously high quality and customer satisfaction ratings[2]


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