Application Control

Application Control is a security solution that identifies, monitors, and controls the usage of applications in an organization. It allows organizations to whitelist or blacklist certain applications, depending on their business needs.

Application Control can be implemented as a standalone solution or as part of a larger security architecture. When used as part of a comprehensive security strategy, Application Control can help organizations improve their overall security posture and compliance with industry regulations.

What is the definition of application control?

Application control is an important security practice that helps protect data by blocking or restricting unauthorized applications. This process includes checks to make sure that applications are both complete and valid, and also checks to prevent unauthorized access to data. Application control helps maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data by ensuring it is processed correctly in a secure manner. Additionally, application control can help protect businesses from the risks associated with using applications as it helps identify traffic flows and apply routing and security policies accordingly.[1]

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