Boil the Ocean

What does "Boil the Ocean" mean?

"Boil the ocean" is an idiom that means to try to accomplish an impossible or extremely difficult task. It suggests that the task at hand is so vast or complex that it is as if one were trying to boil the entire ocean.

The phrase is often used in a negative or sarcastic way to imply that the person or group attempting the task is overly ambitious or unrealistic. It can also be used to express frustration or disbelief at the magnitude of the task being undertaken.

For example, if someone says "We can't boil the ocean," they might be suggesting that the task at hand is too big or complex to be feasible, or that it requires a level of resources or effort that is not practical.

The phrase "boil the ocean" is often used in business and politics, but it can also be used in other contexts to describe any large or daunting task.

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