Brand Line

Brand Line is a marketing term used to describe all the products sold under a single brand name. New flavors, package sizes, nutritional content, or products containing special additives are included in this definition. More than half of all new products introduced each year are brand line extensions. For example, when a coffee manufacturer adds decaffeinated coffee to the same brand line of coffee products already on the market (such as regular coffee and instant coffee), a line extension has been made. Line extensions do not compete with each other, since each answers different needs and thus appeals to a different market. A company introduces a brand line extension (also referred to as product line extension) by using an established product's brand name to launch a new or slightly different item which may or may not be in the same product category. For example, Diet Coke™ is a line extension of the parent brand Coke ™. While the products have distinct differences, they are in the same product category. The new product is oftentimes referred to as a spin-off.[1]

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