Business Resumption Plan

The Business Resumption plan deals with how, where, when, and who will be responsible and what they will do when a significant event occurs. This very well may be a situation where you are starting from scratch, up to and including the loss of the use and access to your primary location, either temporarily or long term, but it also encompasses many other degrees of disaster. The disaster could be the result of incidents such as floods, fires, explosion, contamination, storms, terrorist activities, political unrest, war and many others whose impact may not be clearly evident. Any one or a combination of these can result in you needing to reconstruct your critical infrastructure, possibly in a new location, in the shortest period of time possible. A good Business Resumption Plan:

  • identifies the pre-set arrangements you need to have on "stand-by" in order to get vital functions operating again with as little delay as possible
  • ensures the availability of necessary resources including personnel, information, equipment, financial arrangements, services and accommodations
  • helps an operation to survive an unplanned interruption by making sure essential clients needs can be met until normal operations are resumed[1]


  1. What is a Business Resumption Plan

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