Business Rules Engine (BRE)

A business rule engine (BRE) is a component of software allowing non-programmers to change the business logic in a business process management (BPM) system. To carry out a business policy or procedure, a business rule or statement is required. Business logic uses data in a database and a sequence of operations to carry out the business rule.[1]

Components of Business Rules Engine[2]
At a minimum, a full-function BRE will include the following components:

  • Business Rule Repository A database that stores the business rules defined by the business users
  • Business Rule Designer/Editor An intuitive, easy-to-use, front-end application and a user interface that allows users to define, design, document, and edit business rules
  • A Query and Reporting Component Allows users and rules administrators to query and report existing rules
  • Rules Engine Execution Core Actual code that enforces the rules

Examples of Business Rules[3]
Every day millions of decisions are being made. We don’t realize that many times rules govern what decision should be made when. Yet, each business system must apply the proper decision logic to each task in order to reach the desired outcome at the transaction level. Some examples could include:

  • Health insurance companies need to decide if a potential new customer meets eligibility requirements
  • Financial institutions must verify that a loan meets all requirements and guidelines for insurance, paperwork and regulations to mitigate risk and maintain compliance with numerous and constantly changing state and federal regulations, corporate policies and customer expectations
  • Retailers need to determine which customers get free shipping and if payments should be held


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