CIMOSA (Computer Integrated Manufacturing Open Systems Architecture)

The ESPRIT project AMICE has developed an Open System Architecture (CIMOSA) for the manufacturing industry. The main goal of CIMOSA is to support process oriented modelling of manufacturing enterprises and to provide execution support for operation of enterprise systems based on those models. Emphasis in CIMOSA is on modelling support for business users rather than for modelling specialists.[1]

The original aim of CIMOSA (1992) was "to elaborate an open system architecture for CIM and to define a set of concepts and rules to facilitate the building of future CIM systems". One of the main ideas of CIMOSA is the categorization of manufacturing operations in:

  • Generic functions: generic parts of every enterprise, independent of organization structure or business area.
  • Specific (partial and particular) functions: specific for individual enterprises.

The development of CIMOSA has ultimately resulted in two key items:

  • Modeling Framework: This framework supports "all phases of the CIM system life-cycle from requirements definition, through design specification, implementation description and execution of the daily enterprise operation".
  • Integrating Infrastructure: This infrastructure provides "specific information technology services for the execution of the Particular Implementation Model", which has proven to be vendor independent and portable.

The framework furthermore offers an "event-driven, process-based modeling approach with the goal to cover essential enterprise aspects in one integrated model. The main aspects are the functional, behavioral, resource, information and organizational aspect".

CIMOSA can be applied in process simulation and analysis. Standardized CIMOSA models "can also be used on line in the manufacturing enterprise for scheduling, dispatching, monitoring and providing process information". One of the standards based on CIMOSA is the Generalised Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodology (GERAM)[2]

See Also

  1. Enterprise Integration: Enterprise integration involves connecting and integrating different components, systems, and processes within an organization to enable seamless data flow and collaboration. CIMOSA provides a framework for achieving enterprise integration specifically in the context of manufacturing, ensuring the effective integration of various manufacturing functions and processes.
  2. Business Process Modeling: Business process modeling refers to the representation and analysis of business processes within an organization. CIMOSA provides a modeling language and methodology to describe manufacturing processes, their interactions, and dependencies. It enables the visualization and analysis of manufacturing workflows and supports process optimization and improvement efforts.
  3. Information Systems Architecture (ISA): Information Systems Architecture encompasses the structure, components, and relationships of information systems within an organization. CIMOSA provides a reference architecture for designing and aligning information systems in the manufacturing domain. It defines the components, interfaces, and relationships of information systems that support integrated manufacturing operations.
  4. Interoperability: Interoperability refers to the ability of different systems, components, or organizations to exchange and use information effectively. CIMOSA addresses interoperability challenges by providing a standardized approach for integrating diverse systems and enabling seamless information exchange among manufacturing functions and processes.
  5. Manufacturing Execution System (MES): A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a software application used to manage and control manufacturing operations on the shop floor. CIMOSA provides a framework for integrating MES within the larger manufacturing architecture, ensuring the coordination and synchronization of manufacturing processes, data, and resources.


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