Demand and Value Assessment Methodology (DAM and VAM)

The Demand & Value Assessment Methodology (DAM and VAM) is an interactive program designed to capture information to gauge and forecast how well equipped any proposed online delivery is to service its market and generate valuable results.[1]

The Demand and Value Assessment Methodologies assist agencies in developing transparent and auditable assessments of demand and value propositions for online government programs. These propositions underpin the business case and assist in substantiating the viability of the initiative, in justifying resource investment and in demonstrating transparency and accountability. The methodology provides for a consistent approach across agencies.

The application of the Demand and Value Assessment methodologies has various advantages:[2]

At a project level it enables:

  • Preparation of a business cases, justification of expenditure and policy decisions;
  • Assessment of progress towards project and program goals and targets; and
  • Impact assessment on agency business, customer base, demand and social value.

At the government agency level it enables the:

  • Evaluation of contribution to overall agency goals, and the agencies' contribution to whole of government strategies;
  • Analysis of the capacity of agencies to deliver e-government services;
  • Assessment of impacts on clients to ensure the right mix of services are on offer;
  • Identification of future policy and priority areas for improvement and investment; and
  • A mechanism for sharing of information, achievements and strategies with other agencies and contribution to the development of best practice approaches.

Why is demand and value important? [3]
Demand and Value have been chosen as the two key criteria because consideration of demand forces enables government to assess a service from the perspective of the end users. Rather than implementing a program for implementation’s sake, demand assessment forces the provider to start with the end user and determine the nature of their needs and how they might be best attended to.

Value is a more traditional assessment, typically centred upon costs and benefits, but in the case of government, a consideration in determining value must also take account of social and governance implications.

Links between the Demand and Value Assessment Methodology and an Agency e-government Business Case
DAM & VAM Methodology
source: Govt. Information Management Office


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