Fast Common Gateway Interface (FastCGI)

What is Fast Common Gateway Interface (FastCGI)

FastCGI is a protocol for interfacing interactive programs with a [[web server. It is a variation of the CGI (Common Gateway Interface) protocol that is designed to provide faster performance by allowing a web server to delegate the processing of a request to a separate process.

In the traditional CGI model, when a request is made to a web server for a dynamic page, the server starts a new process to handle the request, which incurs a certain amount of overhead. In contrast, FastCGI allows a web server to communicate with a persistent process that can process multiple requests, eliminating the need to start a new process for each request. This reduces the overhead associated with CGI and can result in a significant performance improvement for applications that receive a high volume of requests.

FastCGI is used to execute scripts written in languages such as Perl, Python, and PHP, and it can be used with any web server that supports the FastCGI protocol. It is often used in conjunction with web servers such as Apache and Nginx to provide a high-performance environment for dynamic web applications.

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