Flow Chart

What is a Flow Chart?

A flow chart is a visual representation of a process or system that shows the steps or stages involved in that process, and the relationships between them. It is a graphical tool that is used to depict the flow of information, data, or tasks through a system or process, and it is often used to document and analyze processes or to design new ones.

A flow chart consists of a series of symbols or shapes that are connected by lines or arrows, and each symbol represents a different step or activity in the process. The symbols and lines are used to show the order in which the steps or activities occur, and to illustrate the relationships and dependencies between them.

Flow charts are commonly used in a variety of fields, including business, engineering, and computer science, and they are particularly useful for visualizing complex processes or systems. They are also often used to document and communicate processes to stakeholders, and to identify potential improvements or areas of inefficiency.

Overall, flow charts are an important tool for understanding and analyzing processes, and they are widely used to design, document, and improve systems and processes in a variety of settings.

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