What is Hypermedia?

Hypermedia is a term used to describe a type of multimedia content that is linked and navigable. It is an extension of the term hypertext, which refers to text that contains links to other text, and it includes multimedia elements such as images, video, and audio.

Using Hypermedia users can navigate through different types of content and access additional information by following links. Hypermedia is used to create interactive and non-linear experiences, such as in websites, mobile apps, and interactive documentaries. It is also used in the context of the internet, where it is used in the context of the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) and the hypertext markup language (HTML) to create hypertext documents that can be accessed over the internet.

Hypermedia is a crucial aspect of the web, as it allows users to easily access, navigate and explore information. Hypermedia systems, such as the World Wide Web, are designed to be open, decentralized, and self-organizing, allowing users to create and share their own hypermedia content.

Hypermedia is also closely related to the concept of the semantic web, which aims to make the meaning of hypermedia content more explicit so that computers can understand it and use it more effectively. This includes using metadata and ontologies to describe the relationships between different types of content and making the connections between them more explicit.

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