IBM Academy of Technology (AoT)

IBM Academy of Technology (AoT) was formed in 1989 as a community of the best technical minds in IBM to provide innovation, technical advice and conscience. The community supports cultural change across all business units and across the globe. Today, our AoT continues to be a community of selected IBM top technical leaders organized to advance the understanding of key technical areas & trends, enable attract & retain the technical community, and engage our clients in technical pursuits of mutual value. The Board of Governors is the ruling body for our Academy of Technology and consists of Senior Technical Executives and the Academy President. These executives provide guidance for our Academy value, assist in evangelizing our value and shaping our impact. [1]

The Academy is composed of a hierarchy of participants, members and non-members alike. The Academy leverages the power of the entire IBM technical community to work toward insightful, inspired innovation. It strives to:

  • Look further and deeper into technology than most, to identify synergies and new techniques, that will enable IBM to anticipate the needs of its customers
  • Provide IBMers an energizing ‘safe space’ to grow themselves and their networks to enable them to foster, collaborate and diffuse new ideas.
  • Be the innovators who are eminent because in order to create value for its customers.

The structure of IBM AoT is illustrated in the diagram below with the number and responsibilities of each level.

IBM AoT Structure
source: IBM AoT

The IBM Academy of Technology (AoT) is an internal IBM worldwide organization formed with the highest technical talents inside IBM. The selection process is tough and rigorous and only a few people are selected to join the organization every year. Selected members are recognized as eminent technology thought leaders that have an enduring impact on the IT industry. IBM AoT mission is to follow the best of innovation, helping IBM to make revenue, but also working to support innovation in Information Technology.

The IBM Academy of Technology often collaborates with external companies and organizations, in particular Universities. Being a high technical organization, the AoT deals with the most impacting technical topics in a given year. Every year the AoT is committed in working with the top 10 identified technical themes, where external collaboration is becomes very important.

IBM AoT Organization

  • Academy Leadership Team members (World Wide)
  • Academy of Technology members (World Wide)
  • Academy Affiliates (at country level)

IBM AoT Organization
source: IBM AoT

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