Laswell's Communication Model

What is Laswell's Communication Model?

Harold Dwight Lasswell was an American political scientist, lawyer, and communication theorist. One of his most famous contributions to the field of communication is his model of communication, which is also known as the "Lasswell Formula."

Lasswell's Communication Model is a way of analyzing communication that focuses on the content of a message and the context in which it is sent. It outlines the five key components of communication, which are:

  • The sender: The person or entity that is sending the message.
  • The message: The content of the communication.
  • The medium: The means by which the message is transmitted, such as speech, writing, or electronic communication.
  • The receiver: The person or entity that is receiving the message.
  • The effect: The outcome or impact of the communication, either on the receiver or on the overall situation.

Lasswell's model suggests that communication is a process that involves the sender encoding a message and transmitting it through a medium to the receiver, who then decodes the message and responds to it in some way. The model also emphasizes the importance of considering the context in which the communication takes place, as this can significantly impact the interpretation of the message.

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