Navy Process Reference Model

What is Navy Process Reference Model?

The Navy Process Reference Model(NPRM) has been developed by the IT Service Management Office (ITSMO) to assist commands in the "construction" of their IT services with interlocking processes that support measurable quality targets and requirements. The achievement of quality IT service is a product of measurable and repeatable processes that underpin end-to-end service delivery to the customer. The Navy ITSMO leveraged ITIL and added processes and components from ISO/IEC-20000, COBIT, and others to produce NPRM. The NPRM contains 34 interlocking IT processes - everything from Access Management to Workforce Management - that define inputs, outputs, control, responsibilities, tool, and skill recommendations. The processes are grouped according to the ITIL Lifecycle Phase they are most closely associated with: Strategy, Design, Transition, or Operations ( although continual service improvement (CSI)is also a distinct ITIL Lifecycle Phase, the NPRM incorporates CSI principles within each process and does not treat CSI separately).A chief distinction of the NPRM is its incorporation of COBIT-5 Governance Model which emphasizes the Evaluate, Direct, and Monitor (EDM) activities necessary for Government oversight and control of its own, or vendor-managed infrastructure. The NPRM version 1 was published in 2013 and is now undergoing a yearly review to ensure it remains current with international standards and industry best practice guidelines. Since its publication, the NPRM has provided a solid foundation upon which Navy Organizations can construct or improve IT infrastructure and enterprise management.[1]

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