Office of Strategy Management

What is Office of Strategy Management?

The Office of Strategy Management (OSM) is a department or unit within an organization that is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the strategic planning process. The OSM is typically responsible for developing and implementing strategies that align with the organization's mission and goals, and for monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of those strategies.

The OSM is usually led by a senior executive or a Board of Directors, and may include other key stakeholders such as department heads, managers, and employees. The OSM typically works closely with other departments and units within the organization to ensure that strategies are implemented effectively and that the organization's resources are aligned with its strategic goals.

The OSM may also be responsible for conducting environmental analysis to identify strategic opportunities and threats, developing and implementing performance measurement systems, and facilitating communication and collaboration among stakeholders.

Overall, the role of the OSM is to help the organization achieve its strategic objectives and to ensure that it is well-positioned to adapt and succeed in a rapidly changing environment.

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