Organization Chart

An organization chart shows the internal structure and hierarchies of an organization, like a business, school, or government entity. It creates an easy visual depiction of the ranks of different people, jobs, and departments that make up the organization. Organization charts also help determine how authority and information flow between people and departments.

Like flowcharts, org charts use simple shapes and lines. The boxes are filled with information on the individual, department, or team; while vertical and horizontal lines connect these boxes. The connections between boxes illustrate the direct reports of a supervisor, showing who is superior and who is subordinate.

Organization charts do exactly what their name suggests: Organize the roles and positions in an organization. You may want to round out your org chart by including the details of people or departments. Adding contact information, location, and other notes can make the organization more efficient and eliminate confusion about who does what. Try breaking down your org chart into manageable pieces to get started. This way, all of the information is consistent and leads back to the highest level of the organization.[1]

Sample Organization Chart
Organizational Chart
source: Vertex42

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