Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior (OB) is the study of how people behave in organizational settings. Its principles are applied with the goal of making organizations and therefore the people in them work more effectively together. Organizational behavior research can specialize in individual behavior within the organization, how groups work together, how the organization itself behaves, and the way all of those are interconnected and impact one another.

Elements of Organizational Behavior The fundamental elements of organizational behavior are discussed below:

  • People/ Employee: The employee is one of the very important parts of an organization. There is no any alternative in an organization without employee/people.
  • Structure: Structure involves the formal relationship of an employee to the organization. Different roles such as Manager, Accountant, Administration and general staff connect structurally for work to be performed efficiently toward organizational development.
  • Technology: Technology is an essential resource needed in today's organization
  • Social System: The social system within an organization determines the organizational work environment.
  • Environment: Organizations are impacted by both the internal and external environment.

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