SOA Governance

SOA Governance is an application of IT Governance specifically focused on the lifecycle of services, metadata, and composite applications in an organization’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). SOA Governance requires both a services development and runtime perspective and provides a framework for managing services as an IT asset, including:

  • Enhancements to IT processes to address funding, sharing, and incentives for sharing, and reuse of services, as well as for the identification, design and specification of services
  • Infrastructure enhancements for security, monitoring, performance, versioning, and shared usage
  • Implementation of disciplined procedures for the use of the registry/repository and other tools in services development, deployment, and management
  • Redefinition of roles and responsibilities, including education and training for both IT and business roles
  • Organizational change is one of the key elements in a successful SOA Governance program, re-structuring organizational relationships among IT professionals and, more importantly, between IT organizations and business units.