Service Catalog Management

Service Catalog Management is an essential IT process contained within the IT Infrastructure Library’s Service Design publication. The Service Design publication is especially important to overall business operations, including everything required to identify, conceptualize, design, and improve the services your business requires.[1]

Process Purpose / Objective[2]
The purpose of Service Catalog Management is to provide and maintain a single source of consistent information on all operational services and to ensure that it is widely available to those who are authorized to access it. The objectives of Service Catalog Management are to:

  • Manage the information contained within the Service Catalog
  • Ensure the Service Catalog is accurate and reflects the current details, status, interfaces and dependencies of all services that are being run, or being prepared to run, in the operational environment
  • Ensure that the Service Catalog is made available to those approved to access it in a manner that supports their effective and efficient use of the information
  • Ensure the Service Catalog supports the evolving needs of all other Service Management processes

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