Strategic Grid for IT

What is Strategic Grid for IT?

The strategic grid for IT is a tool that helps organizations align their information technology (IT) goals with their overall business strategy. It does this by plotting the organization's IT capabilities and resources on a two-dimensional grid, with the horizontal axis representing the organization's strategic priorities and the vertical axis representing the maturity of its IT capabilities. The resulting grid can be used to identify areas where the organization's IT capabilities are strong and areas where they may need improvement.

The strategic grid for IT is typically used as part of a broader strategic planning process and can be helpful in identifying potential areas for investment in IT as well as areas where the organization may need to shift its focus or realign its resources. It can also be useful for identifying potential partnerships or collaborations that could help the organization leverage its existing IT capabilities more effectively.

The strategic grid for IT is a useful tool for helping organizations ensure that their IT investments are aligned with their business goals and objectives, and for identifying opportunities for improving their IT capabilities in order to better support their overall strategic objectives.

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