The Abridged Big Five-Dimensional Circumplex (AB5C)

The Abridged Big Five-Dimensional Circumplex (AB5C; Hofstee, de Raad, & Goldberg [1992]) is a circular model of the personality domain in which each pair of the big five factors of personality comprises its own circle. For example, extraversion and agreeableness together form a circle; this particular circle is only a rotational variant of the interpersonal circumplex, which has dimensions of dominance and friendliness. What makes the AB5C a circular model is that many items in the personality domain, when they are factor analyzed, have two large loadings instead of just one (and instead of three or more). Thus, when these items are mapped onto a two-dimensional space using their loadings as coordinates, they form a circle. The AB5C represents a step forward in the measurement of the personality domain, covering more conceptual territory than the interpersonal circumplex.[1]


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