Web Services Flow Language (WSFL)

What is Web Services Flow Language (WSFL)?

Web Services Flow Language (WSFL) is a domain-specific language that is used to describe the flow of messages in Web services. It is an XML-based language that is used to define the sequence of operations that are performed by a Web service, as well as the conditions under which those operations are performed. WSFL is intended to provide a high-level, abstract representation of the flow of messages in a Web service, allowing developers to focus on the business logic of the service rather than the underlying implementation details.

WSFL is a component of the IBM Web Services Toolkit, and is used to build complex Web services that involve the coordination of multiple operations and the handling of different types of messages. It is designed to be flexible and extensible, allowing developers to create customized flow definitions that meet the specific needs of their Web services. WSFL also provides support for error handling and recovery, allowing Web services to gracefully handle exceptions and continue processing in the event of a failure.

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