Activity Stream

An activity stream is a publish-and-subscribe notification mechanism and conversation space typically found in social networking. It lists activities or events relevant to a person, group, topic or everything in the environment. A participant subscribes to, or “follows” entities (e.g., other participants or business application objects) to track their related activities. For example, a project management application may add status information, while a physical object connected to the Internet may report its state (e.g., tunnel lane closure).[1]

Though activity stream arises from social networking, nowadays it has become an essential part[of business software. Enterprise social software is used in different types of companies to organize their internal communication and acts as an important addition to traditional corporate intranet. Such major collaboration software like Jive Software, Yammer, eXo Platform or Chatter offer activity stream as a separate product. At the same time other major software providers, such as tibbr, Central Desktop, Bitrix and Wrike offer activity stream as an integrated part of their collaboration software solution. Activity streams come in two different variations: Generic and personalized feeds.

  • Generic feeds: All users see the same content in the activity stream.
  • Personalized feeds: Each user gets bespoke items as well as custom ranking of each element in the feed.[2]


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