Advanced Clinical Research Information Systems (ACRIS)

An advanced clinical research information system (ACRIS) is a complex constellation of capabilities that can assist in the management of patients during clinical trials and rapidly assemble data assets for research questions. It also provides data mining and research process support to meet the needs of clinical and translational research, and related biostatistics and biocomputation. It includes open-source components.[1]

Organizations need to implement advanced clinical research information systems (ACRIS) to combine clinical, molecular and imaging data to support translational research. ACRIS architectures typically have a research data repository (RDR) that is separate from medical record systems and is designed to answer scientific questions and assess patient outcomes. Collaborative web-based access to RDRs enable clinicians and researchers to browse clinical data and easily create patient cohorts. Critically, sample, molecular and research results also stored in the RDR can be used to stratify the patient cohorts.


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