BPM Everywhere (BPME)

BPM Everywhere (BPME) represents a strategy for coping, and possibly exploiting, the disruption that is anticipated as a result of structural changes due to technical progression known as the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT will substantially increase the number of devices connected together and will increase the complexity of those connections. IoT is expected to cause the practitioners of Business Process Management (BPM), a well-established discipline concerned with management and optimizing an organizations processes, to face a number of critical issues. BPME is an approach that leverages traditional business process modeling techniques together with process mining and process analytics in order to automate and distribute the job of discovering, measuring, and improving the processes. Nathaniel Palmer, leading analyst in the field of BPM and Director of theWorkflow Management Coalition (WfMC), sees BPME as a next-generation application development platform, combining the ability to quickly adapt processes with the ability to more cost-effectively design and build better applications. Palmer views this as one most significant shifts in the way applications are currently built, as well as shift for 3-tier to 4-tier architectures.[1]


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