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What is CIO Wiki

CIO Wiki is a dictionary and glossary of IT Management (information technology management) terms and concepts designed for senior practitioners. CIO Wiki is sponsored by CIO Index - the world's largest professional community and network of Chief Information Officers.

Why CIO Wiki

We noticed that lack of clarity and depth in the current wiki's on IT Management topics. More importantly, we felt that the practitioner's perspective was lacking because often these wiki's are corporate click bait written by SEO experts not IT practitioners. CIO Wiki set out to remedy these issues.

CIO Wiki follows the practitioner driven model of CIO Index - of the practitioner, by the practitioner, for the practitioner. We want to create a wiki that explains key IT management terms and concepts clearly and in-depth so practitioners can make better IT decisions producing superior IT Value.

CIO Wiki Content

CIO Wiki content is aggregated from the web. We research a topic and find the most relevant content. We are agnostic to the source and focus solely on the quality of content. This ensures the proper treatment of a topic rather than promoting content from marquee names.

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How to Contribute Content

CIO Wiki is currently being written by CIO Index's staff. We welcome your contribution. Please contact cioindex to get added as an author.