Future search method

What is the Future Search Method?

A Definition of Future Search

Future Search is a model of leadership development that engages the widest representation of the whole organization in the same place at the same time, based on the assumption that all types of stakeholders are necessary to improve the whole system. This is called “all in the room” or “whole system in the room” approach. These groups share four main functions: (a) encourage and support a systems perspective, (b) allow cross organizational boundaries, (c) recognize that ordinary people can be engaged in different issues (not being dependent on experts), and (d) include multiple perspectives and unique mixes of people. [1]

Future Search Conference

A Future search conference or planning meeting helps people transform their capability into action very quickly. The meeting is task-focused. It brings together 60 to 80 people in one room or hundreds in adjacent rooms. The design of the meeting is highly structured and is based on principles and experiences that have been tested in many cultures in past years.[2]

The Future Search model differs from other similar models of conferences, as it represents a more fixed design, and discourages variations (Manning & Binzagr, 1996).

The Future Search conference has been used in a wide variety of situations in the public, private, and independent sectors. The meetings are strategically designed dialogues where key stakeholders participate together and action plans are formed for the future (Cornish, 1993).

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